Bad Practice, Good Practice. What’s The Difference?

This is one thing I have notice when practicing for a worship set.

There are times when worship practice go so well that you feel like nothing can go wrong and then, BAM!!! Sunday morning shows up and it seems like everything goes wrong. But then there are times when everything goes wrong with practice and then everything goes perfect on Sunday morning. I like to call this “The POES effect”. Practice. Outcome. Equals. Seeking.

You see, sometimes after we practice for a worship set, the amount we seek the Lord in prayer, after that practice for that Sunday set, depends on the outcome of our practice. If you have a good practice we sometimes fall into the trap that our own ability is good enough and we tend to seek God less. But on that same token, when practice goes bad, we tend to realize that we can’t rely on our own abilities and we seek God more.

So remember, no matter what the outcome of your practice is, whether good or bad, seek the Lord for strength and guidance. Because in worship, poor preparation produces poor performance while preparational prayer produces presentational praise.

Keep worshiping.

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