Are We Emotionally Intelligent?

I think that we can all agree that emotional intelligence plays a big role in our effectiveness as leaders, whether it be in the secular world or in our ministries. As leaders, it is up to us to be able to lead, train, equip, provide, and learn from those we are tasked over. An aspect often overlooked by leaders is that last part, “learn from.” Goleman points out, in Primal Leadership, this phenomenon known as, CEO Disease , which is an…

Information vacuum around a leader created when people withhold important and usually unpleasant information

Goleman, 2013, p. 85

Whether this phenomenon is created deliberately or accidentally, it is vital as leaders to make sure we are approachable, just as Proverbs says that…

whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but one who hates correction is stupid

Proverbs 12:1, CSB

Leaders need to be approachable and open to learning from those we surround ourselves with. Surrounding yourself with honest and loving people is imperative for a leader to succeed in any endeavor. Goleman points out that any “

Leader who wants to strengthen his abilities needs to start by seeking out other people’s perspectives in order to get an accurate picture of himself.

Goleman, 2013, p.117

Goleman introduces the 360-degree method, which is not only a perfect way of bringing growth to any leader, but it also, in a sense, keeping the leader sharp. Solomon, in all of his wisdom recognized this, as he ruled as king in Jerusalem, he so eloquently wrote that just as…

Iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another.

Proverbs 27:17, CSB

In a study done by Robert Zondo, to investigate the influence of the 360-degree method on an automotive parts manufacturing company, he found that…

The 360-Degree performance appraisal creates a working environment that encourages worker participation.

Zondo, 2018

The take away here, is that it “created an environment.” Change doesn’t happen overnight. It needs to be created, nurtured and developed. In order for us to be sharpened, we need to be open and approachable, allowing people under us, beside us and above us to feel free enough to have open communication with us, bringing truth into our lives, so that we can grow and in turn, help others grow. In Hebrews, the author says that… (Proverbs 12:11, CSB).

No discipline seems enjoyable at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

proverbs 12:11, CSB


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