Becoming A Worship Leader


First: You Are A Pew Worship Leader. 

If you can’t worship as part of the congregation, what makes you think you can lead a congregation into worship? You see people are more apt to following someone that they can identify as “real”. So, if you want to be a worship leader. You need to do it before you hit the stage. Serve the congregation, get to know the congregation, because it would make it a lot easier to lead the church, when your actually on stage, if you develop those relationships first.

Second: Wipe Your Brain Of Thinking You Are A Worship ”Leader”.

I didn’t come to be a leader of servants. I came to be a servant to leaders. It is my responsibility as a worship “leader” to serve the people that have felt the calling of worship on their hearts, to equip them to lead worship and teach them the meaning of worship, why we worship, how we worship, and to prepare them to lead others into worship. You need to have a servant’s heart. Remember even Christ said, “I came to serve, not be served.”.

Third: Let The Way You Worship On Stage Be A Reflection Of Your Daily Walk With Christ.

We need to be in the word as often as we can. Take it from me, it’s not easy! Especially when you absolutely hate to read, like me. But we need to make it happen. Doing this doesn’t just make us more knowledgeable in what we believe but  it also gives us a better understanding of who we worship to and why we worship Him.

Fourth: Don’t Judge.

We need to realize that people are going to show up from all different walks of life. All we need to focus on is how to get them from where they’re at to where they could be with Christ.

Fifth: Keep Worshiping!

That’s right. Keep worshiping. When you’re at home, at work, taking a shower, or doing some yard work. Just keep it going. You’ll find that you’ll be better equipped for a worship service if you’ve been prepared all week. =]

Well there you go! Five steps to get you started on your walk to becoming an awesome worship leader/servant. There are many other things I could add. But I’ll save them for another time.

Remember, keep worshiping!

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