How To Pick Out Good Music For Worship.

There are many authors, composers, artists, and rockers who have written, sang and worshipped to music. Many of which wrote, inspired or collaborated the songs themselves. But how can we as worship leaders decide on which songs to put into a song rotation or worship set list?

Well there are a few standards I like to keep in the back of my mind when picking what’s right and what just doesn’t quite fit into a worship set list. Keeping in mind, this is all dependent on the kind of congregation you are leading into worship.

1)   Establish what worship means to you. For me, worship is a sacrifice, taking my eyes off of me and pointing them to Christ. It is an appropriate response to Gods self-revelation. It is not about us but about Him and giving back to Him what is so rightfully His.

2)   I like to listen to the beat. Is it something that your congregation can listen and get into? Are the lyrics clear enough to hear. Is it within the bands means to play without making it sound weird? Can it be distracting?

3)   Who or what is the song about? Is the song pointing to the Spirit, Jesus, God or is it pointing to me? Is the song a worshipful song or is it more inspirational? Inspirational songs can be very useful but might not necessarily fit in with worship. But that’s up to you.

4)   Is the song Biblical? Does the song speak truth or does it contradict the Word? This is very important. As leaders we need to make sure we believe what we sing and that we can also back it up.
5)   If the song is fast, can it be used as a “building up, pump you up, get ready to worship” song? Or if it’s slow, can it be used as a response song or can it bring people to a place of broke and truthful worship?
I hope that this helps you out and you find it useful and relevant. Keep worshipping!

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