Sometimes I Just Can’t Get Into Worship!

There are moments in worship that I feel so empowered, comforted, and encouraged and that’s awesome and sometimes, a lot of the time that’s needed! But I started to feel concerned during one service when I was leading worship and I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt nothing! “What was wrong with me?” I thought to myself. Why don’t I feel the warm cozy feelings inside?

It wasn’t until after the service that I was able to sit down by myself as ask God, “What was wrong?” And God answered me by saying, “What are you worshipping for, warm cozy feelings or are you trying to bless Me with your sacrifice of worship?”

You see worship is not about getting those warm cozy feelings. It’s about taking time out of your life to bless God. Yes, sometimes you get good feelings when you worship and that’s all right. But we need to remember that worship is NOT about US, it’s about giving God what is His, our undivided praise and worship.

So next time your not feeling it. It’s ok! Just remind yourself; it’s not about you feeling good. It’s about serving God with love, sacrifice and praise.

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