Am I “The Weed” or “The Seed”?

This is an idea most commonly used when talking about building a team or filtering out people from a general gathering. But I found myself asking this question to…… well, myself!

In Matthew 13, it talks about planting good seeds and when you are a good seed, as we all know, you produce good fruit. In other words, you are right where God wants you. But also on that same token, in Matthew 7, it talks about how if you are not producing good fruit God will simply uproot you like a weed and throw you into the fire (Cut you off). I think it is important for us to evaluate where we are, in whatever ministry you are in, to ask the question, “Am I the weed or the seed?”.

Look, it’s way better to ask that question now then to wait for 1 Corinthians 3:13 to kick into play, right?

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