How The Song “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” Changed My Personal Views On Worship!

One day I was driving down the road and I was in an “angry music” =] kind of mood. So I put on Drowning Pools song “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”. As I listen to the angry singer sing his angry lyrics and playing their angry notes, God met me right in the midst of all that noise.

Pre-chorus: “1 nothings wrong with me. 2 nothings wrong with me. 3 nothings wrong with me. 4 nothings wrong with me. 1 somethings got to give. 2 somethings got to give. 3 somethings got to give. Now! Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the floor”

As I listen to those lyrics play God spoke to me. You see the first set of lyrics say, “Nothings wrong with me.” and you know what? That was me. Sometimes when things are going well for us we tend to fall into this “I don’t need You.” mentality. You know the saying? “When things are going all wrong we usually seek God more often then when things are going well.” This is kinda the same concept.

Then as I listened to the second part, “Somethings got to give.” it’s like God was speaking right into my heart saying. “You know what? You are being stubborn. You think your all right but you still need Me.” And then I began to weep. Because God was right!

I thought that nothing was wrong with me, while God was there saying, somethings got to give. And you know what? Something did. And at that moment my spiritual body hit the floor. Right there in my car driving down the road listening to “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” I began to worship God with such passion and submission. And right then and there I realized that there is nothing that God can’t reclaim, there is nothing so far gone that God can’t find. And God can use for good ANYTHING that the devil would try to use for evil.

Keep Worshiping!

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