Waiting…… Again!

So today I want to talk about something that most of us can’t stand and don’t want to sit through. And that is waiting. Yes, I said waiting. I absolutely hate this topic. Why you ask? It’s simply because I am the most impatient person in the world (just ask my wife). I hate to wait for events, for stoplights, for lines, for mail, etc… And ironically, waiting seems to be the theme of my life. Who said God doesn’t have a sense of humor? I have noticed that God uses this phenomenon of waiting to build character and faith in us. I mean, just take a look at some of the biggest characters and events in the bible.

Take Zackariah for instance; even though they don’t give the exact age, we do know that Elizabeth and he were very old before they had their first kid. (Who, by the way, played a HUGE part in Gods plan). But they had to wait on Gods timing. Or take King David for example; talk about waiting in style, he had to wait on God’s timing in a cave fearing for his life. But yet he was able to find refuge in waiting on God. And then who can forget Gods people. You know? The ones God through Moses freed from Pharaoh. They had to wait 40 years in the wilderness before they even got to lay their eyes on the promise land.

There are countless accounts of waiting in the bible. But I guess what I hope you and I can take away from this, is that; yes, it does seem like your forgotten and yes, it does seem like your living in limbo sometimes. But know that you have a key role in God story and your climactic scene has yet to come. Remember, to have faith and trust in God and He will direct your path. Wait on Him because your time, as well as mine, will come.

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