“Inscribed On My Heart” ©

Verse 1:
I’m standing here just left all alone
With no where to go, no where to run to
So many times I let myself down
Thinking You weren’t around, You weren’t around me

But now…. I know, now I know

Your love’s inscribed on my heart, I feel it inside, I see it arise in me (2x)

Verse 2:
So now why, why can’t I see
All You’ve given to me, given me freely
Why question what I see in the night
What You showed in the light, showed in the light to me

Yes, I know, now I know

So now try to take me down, try to break me down, you wont pull me down
You can’t hurt me now, you can’t push me now, you can’t stop me

Written By: Shawn J. LaFortune
For: Shawn James ©
Year: 2012

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